Mixed Chicks Quad Pack

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Product Description

An easy to use kids hair solution–you get MIXED CHICKS… 8oz kids shampoo 8oz kids conditioner 8oz kids leave-in conditioner 8oz kids tangle tamer USE THIS TO: gently cleans, define curls & detangle…and block frizz!

How to use

1. shampoo and rinse 2. condition, comb or brush (while wet), and rinse 3. work leave-in throughout wet hair, scrunch 4. wring hair out with fingers 5. air dry, (no towel of blow-dry needed) USING TANGLE TAMER: spray into hair, comb through tangles, then style…or even fashion hair into a pony tail. This works great with hair that already has our kids leave-in conditioner worked in. TANGLE TAMER USE ALT: for stubborn tangle-areas, while wet, spray a generous amount into hair along with our kids conditioner, comb through, then rinse.

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